We can't wait to meet you!
No matter if you are a first time guest or you've been here before, you are welcome!

I’m new to Celebration! What can I expect?

First off, we’re glad you’re thinking about visiting Celebration! Visiting a new church can be a little daunting if you don’t know what to expect, so hopefully we’ve answered your questions below. Don’t see an answer to your question about what to expect? Send us an email to info@click2celebrate.com or a Facebook message!

When and where is the worship service?

We worship Sundays at 9:30 a.m. at 18541 Mueschke Rd. Cypress, Texas 77433. You can also join worship online on Facebook Live. The service lasts about an hour.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you most comfortable! We have people who wear their Sunday best and others who wear hoodies, shorts, and flip flops.

What is a typical worship service like?

Most Sundays we have contemporary music, passing of the peace, prayers, confession, communion (aka eucharist or the Lord’s Supper), offering, a Scripture reading, a sermon, and a blessing. On the first Sunday of most months, we collect a Noisy Offering for one of our ministry partners. We also have Workship Sundays where we become the sermon by serving the community in some way.

Who can take communion / eucharist / Lord’s Supper?

At Celebration we believe that this is God’s table and all are welcome. Jesus made no restrictions, and neither do we. Anyone who attends worship may take communion if they wish. You may also come up during communion to receive a blessing instead or remain seated if they prefer. All are good options.

What will my kids be doing?

There is a kids activity center at the back corner of the worship space with crayons, toys, and books to keep kids entertained, along with comfortable couches their adults. We also provide a children's sermon followed by Children's Church. Children’s Church is a worship experience focused totally on children and building their understanding of the Bible and promoting a meaningful relationship with God.

Where the heck are the bathrooms?

Accessible restrooms are located on the first right past the lobby. You can also reach them through the hallway at the back of the worship space, turning after passing through the glass door. Restrooms are marked “Women” and “Men” as we lease the space from another organization, but please feel free to use whichever restroom you are most comfortable with.

How will I/we be treated as a LGBTQ+ individual/household?

Like any other individual/household at Celebration! We know well the harm and spiritual violence that LGBTQ+ individuals and households have experienced in some religious communities. Celebration has been intentional in our inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals and households as vital and beloved siblings in every part of our life as church together. Diverse sexual/romantic orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions are parts of God’s vibrant creation, so please be encouraged to come as you are.

Is there coffee? Is the coffee good?

The beverage station is located at the back of the worship space. The coffee is fair-trade as one of our values, and pretty darn good thanks to a coffee-to-water ratio passed down through generations. 

How can I get connected as a first-time guest?

When you enter the worship space, you will see a QR code. Take a picture with your smart phone and it will take you to the Virtual Connect Card.